Improved HDR (High Dynamic Range)

MyProjector™️ comes with advanced 4K HDR technology, enhancing the contrast, brightness, and color range of the displayed content, providing a more dynamic and lifelike picture. 

Enhanced Gaming

Gaming consoles can be connected to MyProjector™️, offering a larger and more immersive gaming experience. Gamers can enjoy their favorite titles on a big screen, enhancing the overall gaming adventure.


Where Are Our Products Made?

At MyProjector, we take immense pride in delivering a visual experience of unparalleled quality. Our projectors are a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, intricately handcrafted by skilled artisans in both China and Malaysia. Each projector is meticulously assembled, reflecting our dedication to precision and attention to detail. By blending traditional artistry with cutting-edge technology, we create projectors that not only illuminate spaces but also elevate the way people connect with their content. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship ensures that every MyProjector product delivers exceptional performance and durability, setting new standards in the world of projection technology.

Where Can I Have My Orders Shipped To?

For delivery to Canada, orders must be placed on the Canada website.

Payments are accepted via: Credit card (Visa, American Express & Mastercard) Debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, When placing an order, your billing address must correspond to the address of your credit card, otherwise we will not be able to process your order. Please note, a valid Canadian billing and shipping address is required. 

MyProjector™️ delivers everywhere and anywhere their website reaches and meets seller requirements.

How Do I Send MyProjector™ As A Gift?

You may purchase a MyProjector™️ gift via our website or Client Services and deliver it directly to your gift recipient.

When placing the order, you will be able to add a personalized message with the gift and specify the address you would like to ship it to.
To ensure the highest quality service a Client Services advisor may contact you about your order.

Please note, gift cards are not able to purchased online.

How Do I Follow My Online Order?

MyProjector™️ will send you several emails during the order process to keep you informed about the different stages of your order.

Orders may take up to 72 hours to process. Once your order has been processed you will receive an email confirmation that your order has been shipped. All delivery standards and tracking begin when you receive the confirmation email

Click on your order tracking number in your Shipping Confirmation email.

Should you require more information or help, please contact Client Services at